Smart Surface™ case studies

Here you can find links to all of our Smart Surface™ case studies.

Clyde Walkway

The Clyde Walkway is an important active travel route from Glasgow to New Lanark. With part of the route having deteriorated significantly, Paths for All turned to Smart Surface to overcome a range of cost and location challenges.

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Loch Leven Heritage Trail

Having been introduced to Mackenzie Construction’s sustainable surfacing solution, Smart Surface™, during the Clyde Walkway project in Blantyre, The Regional Access Committee for Kinross-shire (TRACKS) and Perth and Kinross Council approached Mackenzie Construction to discuss the possible use of Smart Surface to upgrade parts of the Loch Leven Heritage Trail.

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Biggar Access Road

The access road into Biggar WWTW was constructed as a typical unbound access road. The road was subjected daily to HGV traffic and was in use by groundskeepers of adjacent holiday park and golf course. Smart Surface was posed as a solution to drastically reduce maintenance requirements.

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Irvine Meadow Car Park

This trial project for Smart Surface™ was undertaken in 2021 to replace the existing Irvine Meadow Football Club car park (836m2) which is used by the public and pedestrians.

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