Irvine Meadow Car Park (Smart Surface™)

Client: Irvine Meadow Football Club

Location: North Ayrshire



This trial project for Smart Surface was undertaken in 2021 to replace the existing Irvine Meadow Football Club car park (836m2) which is used by the public and pedestrians.

Prior to arrival, the site consisted of a mixture of Type 1, sands, gravels, concrete and AstroTurf. Our aim was to recycle the in-situ materials with the addition of ecoProactive to transform the car park, whilst also maintaining its operation.


The site was cleared of all AstroTurf and hard areas broken up using the excavator to allow treatment to take place. The area was then graded to achieve a cross fall in the surface.

EcoProactive™ was dispensed in 75m2 sections and dry mixed into the existing soil. After wet mixing, the area was graded and crossfalls were checked again before compaction took place. A decorative layer of 6mm red chip was placed on top of the Smart Surface. The finished surface then had to be left for 24 hours with no vehicular movement, and then left a further 48 hours with no heavy vehicular movement.


On this project we saved an estimated 77% in carbon emissions due to the reduction in importing and exporting materials. CBR results were also impressive. Initial testing showed a CBR value of 6.1% which then rose to 55.5% following the application of Smart Surface.