Health & Safety Policy


The policy of Mackenzie Construction Limited is to achieve and maintain conditions of work which are safe and healthy for all employees and sub-contractors, so far as is reasonably practicable. The Mackenzie Construction activities will be conducted with appropriate safeguards against exposing either employees or other persons to risks to their health and safety.

To this end the Directors accept an obligation to actively seek a reduction in the incidence of accidents, dangerous occurrences and hazards to safety or health, and to comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice, also to make adequate financial provision to meet such requirements and to promote safe working practices by the following:

  1. Making the working environment safe and without risks to health.
  2. Realistically combating such hazards as cannot be completely eliminated, by making available such protective clothing, equipment, devices and safe systems of work as are required to protect against those hazards.
  3. Arranging regular inspections of plant, machinery, workplace and processes by competent persons.
  4. Providing such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to achieve safe working practices, thereby ensuring the safety and health of all employees. To bring to the notice of those who supervise, their specific responsibility for safe working.
  5. Seeking the active involvement of each of the Company employees in the efforts to promote health and safety at work by, inter alia, encouraging employee consultation and the establishment of effective health and safety communication streams.
  6. Always considering actual and potential risks to persons not in the Companies employment, but who may be affected by it’s operations, with the same care and attention as is given to each of the Companies own employees.
  7. Supplementing this Statement of Intent with a detailed General Statement and Policy Manual.
  8. Ensuring that hazards are identified, risks assessed, and safe systems of work designed, applied, maintained and reviewed.
  9. Regularly reviewing Companies’ policies, operating procedures, and instructions and revising as appropriate in accordance with knowledge and changing circumstances.

By reason of the geographical spread, and operational diversity of the Company, the application of this policy Statement will be achieved through the management structure, as a prime part of operational management’s responsibility.

Each appropriate manager will prepare a site-specific Safety Health and Environmental Plan, incorporating appropriate safe systems of work to support and endorse this “Statement of Intent”. Management will be assisted in this task by qualified and competent advisors.


Mackenzie Construction is conscious of its health and safety obligations to its employees, sub-contractors and others, and will always promote a safe and healthy working environment, committing to eliminate hazards and reduce Occupational Health and Safety Risk.

The Senior Management Team recognises that this formal statement of the details of its Policy is an essential feature of the growth and development of the Health, Safety and Welfare Policy.

The Directors of Mackenzie Construction regard the health, safety and welfare of its employees to be of the utmost importance, and essential to successful running of the company. We will do everything in our power to comply with all relevant legislation and provide adequate finances and time to develop the culture. We will provide a framework for setting Occupational Health and Safety Objectives.

We shall endeavour to increase health and safety awareness in all its employees by providing detailed information and training to ensure safe practices, commitment to consult and participation of workers on Occupational Health and Safety issues.

We will endeavour to ensure continual improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

We shall endeavour to ensure the maintenance of working conditions and practices that do not endanger the health and safety of employees, contractors or members of the public.

Each Manager will also encourage every individual to adopt an approach to health and safety, which not only emphasises the provisions of adequate physical safeguards and working practices and procedures, but also develops mechanisms designed to motivate employees and contractors to follow safety rules and generally act in a safe manner, thereby enhancing the culture.

The Arrangements for the effective implementation of the policy will be by the creation and maintenance of comprehensive operating rules and procedures, specific to the activities carried out. These rules and procedures will be so designed as to demonstrate compliance with any legal or otherwise, health, safety & welfare requirement and form part of the overall Mackenzie Management System which encompasses the Construction Skills Publication GE 700 in its entirety, and in accordance with ISO 45001:2018. Health, Safety and Welfare is an agenda item for discussion at all Management meetings.

Ultimate responsibility for health safety & welfare rests with the Managing Director. It is recognised however, that the effective implementation of the policy requires the involvement and commitment of management and operatives at all levels. The responsibilities for health and safety at each level within the organisation are outlined in the Mackenzie Management System (MMS) Roles & Responsibilities.

This general statement endorses the contents of Mackenzie Construction Limited Statement of Intent.

This policy document will be reviewed annually or when any significant changes take place within the organisation or legislation. The Compliance Manager in conjunction with the Managing Director & Contracts Director will conduct the review. The Managing Director, Contracts Director and Compliance Manager will approve changes to the document prior to issue.