Structural refurbishment

Our structural refurbishment division was formed in 1984 and is built on a strong foundation of our people’s experience, knowledge, and technical ability. As the industry strives towards Net Zero, we have seen an increased demand from our clients for refurbishment works to maximise the lifetime of their assets rather than opting for new construction projects. Given this, we have renewed our focus on structural refurbishment with a clear and understandable vision of how we can best support our clients in this area.

The strength and depth of our delivery team ensures that we can manage multiple contracts across the UK. Our current portfolio of work stretches from Orkney to South Wales and beyond. Along with our head office in Glasgow, we have regional Hubs in Inverness and Dundee and are looking to expand these hubs to include two new regional hubs in England in the future.


With our combined team expertise, we know that early collaboration with our clients is key to establishing the best approach for every structural refurbishment scope of work. We take the time prior to work commencing to thoroughly investigate the assets and establish a bespoke programme of works that will minimise disruption to the assets whilst optimising their performance.


Our Structural Refurbishment Division has the in-house capability to carry out all aspects of structural refurbishment to bring new life to old structures including concrete preservation, repair and protection; various waterproofing techniques; sealing and repair of movement joints, brickwork repair and stabilisation, masonry repairs, blasting and painting, cathodic protection and carbon fibre plate bonding. At our in-house Training Academy, we carry out all manner of training on structural refurbishment techniques, with the primary focus being on concrete repairs, waterproofing of concrete elements and the repair of movement joints.


Through years of experience working on service reservoir repairs we have honed our specialist skills and worked in close collaboration with our clients to pioneer techniques for working on live assets. Our approved procedures maintain the highest levels of quality control and provide our clients with the confidence that they need to carry out these vital works which help maintain network resilience, therefore reducing the risk to the end customer. We will remain committed to introducing further procedures to expand our offering in this area and aim to give our clients more choice and opportunity to decrease their water quality risk profile.


To help facilitate some of our live working techniques, we invested in our own ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) which allows us to carry out more detailed inspection of water retaining structures under live conditions. This provides invaluable data which we can view in live time with our clients to understand how the asset is behaving whilst in full operation. This has benefits for assets which cannot normally be taken offline due to network demands or are suffering from unknown egress issues. Our highly skilled ROV Operatives can safely undertake full asset surveys and carry out leakage testing underwater to help understand the issues which need to be resolved.


To ensure the best possible outcome for every scope of work, we are continually looking at new and innovative products, materials and systems that will enhance and prolong the life of the asset. We have also been exploring new digital technologies that will help to provide continuous, live data on asset integrity which means we can work with our clients to take a more proactive rather than reactive approach to asset monitoring.

“Flexibility is key to our delivery model and our in-house capabilities, paired with close client collaboration ensures, that we understand their priorities so that when unexpected events occur, we are able to react in a quick and controlled manner that provides our clients with the support that they need.”

Mark Brown | Structural Refurbishment Contracts Manager