A smarter approach to surfacing

by Mark Wilson

I’ve spent the majority of my almost 30 year career with Mackenzie Construction deep in excavate and fill construction projects, orchestrating the continual cycle of excavation of material; removal from site, ferrying to landfill, then gathering further material to bring back the same volume of quarried material to site before incorporating it into the works.

We always believed there must be, a more efficient, eco-friendly way of carrying out this work and reducing the need for the conventional method of excavating and replacing material on site. Over the past two years we have been working with start-up company, Eco-Fast, using their product on an abundance of research and development projects.

These projects allowed us to test the material for strength, using various types of existing sub soil and sub base materials on site, in different environments with different weather and temperature conditions. After extensive research and development, Mackenzie Construction has successfully developed a process, which we have called Smart Surface.

Smart Surface® is a superior hydraulic road binder system that stabilises existing ground conditions to create or repair paths, roads and hard standings. Where sufficient material exists on site, even if it contains sub-soils, clays and organic material, to meet the required levels and falls, it is possible to have zero importation of aggregate e.g. Type 1 and zero off-site disposal of waste. This greatly reduces the environmental footprint of projects.

The binder itself is manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001, 14001 and 15001 standards The process involves bespoke plant which scarifies the existing surface, then adds the powder, mixes with water and when compacted leaves a high spec road surface.

The road surface finish itself is down to the customer requirements and further decorative dressings can be added as per the client’s requirements, however, using the existing material on site provides a natural rural effect. We are fortunate enough to be involved in several long-term frameworks at present and have approached our client base with the product to successfully demonstrate the power of Smart Surface.

We have carried out several successful demonstrations for clients to assist with contracts being awarded. It is this leap of faith, which we require from the client, that allows us to demonstrate not only the strength and efficiency this product can deliver, but also the outstanding carbon footprint reduction it can offer.

Clients already engaged with Smart Surface® include: Resource Efficient Solutions, Scottish Power, Scottish Water, Scottish Canals, South Lanarkshire Council, Central Scotland Green Network Trust, Paths for All and Landmarc.