Environmental Policy


Mackenzie Construction Ltd operates in a diverse range of markets and locations and recognises the importance of environmental management to all our futures and the opportunities that exist to improve the business and become more competitive. This policy has the full support of the Directors and Senior Managers, who are required to ensure adherence to its requirements, as follows:

  • The undertaking of all activities in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the locality of company operations. They will comply with relevant codes of practice and will endeavour to exceed regulatory requirements wherever feasible.
  • Ensuring commitment to the continual improvement of their environmental performance and will manage activities with the aim of reducing negative environmental impact to a practicable minimum and prevention of pollution.
  • In order to provide assurance and control of environmental performance, Mackenzie Construction implement a Mackenzie Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

Continual improvement will be achieved by setting clear Annual Objectives and Targets and regularly monitoring progress against them through reporting, review, and audit activities.

The Companies policies, operating procedures and instructions will be regularly reviewed and revised as appropriate in accordance with knowledge and changing circumstances.

It is the responsibility of every Mackenzie Construction Manager to implement environmental policies and management systems appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of their activities, products, or services. Each Manager shall report on environmental performance and progress against corporate objectives and targets on a regular basis.

By reason of the spread and operational diversity of Mackenzie Construction activities, the applications of this policy will be achieved through the management structure of the Company as a prime part of management’s responsibility. Management will be assisted in this task by competent advisors.


Mackenzie Construction Senior Management Team recognise that this formal statement of its policy is an essential feature of Environmental Management. Furthermore, we regard Environmental Management to be of crucial importance to the future of the Company

The Company will do everything in its power to comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

The Company shall endeavour to increase environmental awareness in all of its employees by providing detailed information, instruction, training and supervision and will seek the active involvement through consultation of all employees in efforts to promote good environmental practice

The arrangements for the effective implementation of the Policy will be by the creation and maintenance of comprehensive operating rules and procedures, specific to the activities carried out by the Company. These rules and procedures will be so designed as to demonstrate compliance with any legal requirements and form part of the overall Mackenzie Management System.

Ultimate responsibility for Environmental Management rests with the Managing Director. It is recognised however, that the effective implementation of the Environmental Policy requires the involvement and commitment of all management and operatives at all levels.

This general statement endorses the contents of the Mackenzie Construction Policy Statement.

The detailed responsibilities for environmental management at each level within the organisation are outlined in the Mackenzie Management System, Roles & Responsibilities.

This Policy Document will be reviewed at intervals of no more than 12 months, or when any significant changes take place within the organisation or legislation. The Compliance Manager in conjunction with the Managing Director & Contracts Director will conduct the review. The Managing Director, Contracts Director and the Compliance Manager will approve changes to the document prior to issue.