Commitment to
Net Zero

With the climate emergency and biodiversity loss being two of the most serious issues of our time, we see a responsibility to play a leadership role in the sector and have made the commitment as an organisation to be Net Zero by 2040. We understand that this drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions cannot be achieved as a lone entity, but by working in close collaboration with our staff, clients, contractors and our wider supply chain to improve the environmental performance of our products and services.


We've set out to be Net Zero by 2040 - five years ahead of the Scottish Government pledge. As part of this we're committed to continuously exploring the ways in which we can reduce our carbon emissions and have set out the trajectory for this.

From initial calculations we plan to reduce emissions by 120 tCO2e per year to reach our Net Zero target.

“We know that there’s a long road ahead towards Net Zero but are committed to the necessary changes that will help to protect our environment and ultimately the places in which we live and work.”

Scott Harvey, Compliance Manager | Mackenzie Construction