Sharing the knowledge: Collaborating with Panton McLeod Ltd

Mackenzie Construction partners with Panton McLeod to enhance capabilities


Our new Industry Collaboration Initiative, ‘Strengthening our Foundations’ seeks to enhance Mackenzie Construction’s capabilities and capacities to meet client needs and deliver best value for all. Through partnering with other Industry Leaders, we hope to share knowledge of industry innovations and best practice and leverage these partnerships to continually improve our process and approach.

The first of our industry partnerships is with water quality experts, Panton McLeod. For over 20 years, Panton McLeod has worked to protect, maintain and improve water quality within treatment and distribution systems. With 5 main service streams in clean water projects, (including asset inspection, cleaning & disinfection, pipeline commissioning, outside the fence treatment and emergency response) our collaboration with Panton McLeod looks to add flexibility, shared knowledge and increased efficiency to our work and greater value to our clients.

With a shared ethos and commitment to continuous improvement, the synergy between Panton McLeod and Mackenzie Construction offers a clear focus on safety, people, quality and sustainability. Our vision is to create an empowering, supportive and collaborative environment and includes the delivery of all projects with safety and integrity at the forefront for everyone involved.

Managing Director, Andy Dalrymple, said of the collaboration,

“At Mackenzie Construction, we are working hard to innovate and improve best practice for our clients and the industry. Our Industry Collaboration Initiative is one of the ways we are looking to strengthen our foundations and provide added value to our clients, staff and business. As the first of our collaborative partners, Panton McLeod adds further opportunity to our collective client base and supply chain. Together, we will foster new and innovative working practices to affect positive change in the industry.”

Chief Executive of Panton McLeod, Jim Panton, added,

“We are delighted to be entering into this collaboration as it will directly benefit our clients and both organisations. Together, we are able to compound more collective knowledge, as well as tangible benefits on our delivery. Mackenzie Construction is an Industry Leader who share our values and I am eager to explore what this will enable us to do, as we all move forward together.”


Jim Panton of Panton McLeod explains why our Industry Collaboration Initiative is so valuable: