Industry collaboration

‘Strengthening our foundations’ is an Industry Collaboration Initiative by Mackenzie Construction that seeks to build upon our industry connections and partnerships to enhance value first and foremost to our clients, our people and the wider industry. Partnership is a core value of Mackenzie Construction and we are committed to building our industry partnerships.

With strong roots in the industry, our senior management team are strong advocates for the value that an ethos of collaboration can bring to our people, our industry, our business and our clients.

Our objectives

  • To ensure Mackenzie Construction provides an industry leading level of service quality, safety and best practice
  • To enhance Mackenzie Construction’s capabilities and capacities to meet client needs and deliver best value for all
  • To share knowledge of industry innovations and best practice
  • To leverage partnerships to continually improve process and approach
  • To contribute to the future of our industry through supporting talent development

Aligning our values to our Industry

At Mackenzie Construction, our values and behaviours are at the heart of everything we do.  For us, our values are our commitment to our clients, our team, our business and our industry. Our Industry Collaboration Initiative is no different.

Invested: We are invested in the future and success of our industry, as we understand the long term value to our clients
Integrity: We work to contribute to an industry that is safe, respected, trusted and sustainable
Partnership: We build long-term partnerships that secure a prosperous future for our customers, our people and our industry
Progressive: We challenge ourselves and our partners to work safer, smarter and more efficiently, working together to build a sustainable industry with a focus on continuous improvement
Responsible: We work responsibly at all times to ensure we protect our industry and safeguard it for the future