Staff Spotlight: Lucy Harvey

Our team are our most valued asset. As part of our Smart Surface launch, we spoke to Environmental Adviser, Lucy Harvey, to find out a bit about her role and her experiences as part of the Mackenzie Construction team.


Q) What is your role at Mackenzie Construction and what does your remit involve?

At Mackenzie Construction my responsibilities range from day to day environmental site inspections/ audits, updating the carbon management tool which we are trialling for Scottish Water, inspecting safety equipment on site and/or any other tasks that may arise. My number one responsibility is to ensure that all environmental documentation i.e. SEPA registrations/ CAR licenses are in place before a site begins next to a watercourse. This involves visiting the site with the site engineer and analysing any potential environmental risks from the tasks that will be undertaken on site. From this site walkover I will determine if a registration or CAR licence off SEPA is required before work begins.


Q) Why is sustainability so important to Mackenzie Construction

We at Mackenzie Construction are not just dedicated to finishing a job to a high standard but finishing a job to a high standard in a sustainable way. We want to be the pioneers for other companies to follow and learn from, leading the way in construction. Not only will sustainability and innovative ways of doing things improve the environment but it will also attract more potential clients while ensuring that our current clients are continually satisfied.


Q) Why is Smart Surface such an exciting innovation, with regard to the environment?

Smart Surface is exciting because it’s a different way of tackling problems that we currently solve by using primary products. With Smart Surface we will be able to use the current materials on site to stabilise the ground without importing other expensive primary products. This will reduce the need for primary products and reduce transportation to and from site ultimately improving the environment.


Q) Why should clients consider Smart Surface?

Clients should consider Smart Surface for a variety of reasons first being that it will reduce the cost of the project by eliminating the need to import materials to site. This product will harden over time and is resistant to freeze thaw meaning that the area will need less maintenance throughout the winter months, again saving costs. Smart Surface is an environmentally friendly product and will showcase that the client is forward-thinking and is willing to try new ideas to improve the current way of doing things ultimately enhancing the environment around us.


Q) What is the best thing about working for Mackenzie Construction?

The best thing about working at Mackenzie Construction is being able to work around people with great, positive attitudes on how to improve the company every single day. Mackenzie Construction is a successful business and continues to expand and grow and it is great to be a part of that. The Senior Management Team are approachable and each person’s views are taken into account so the business feels like a unit – it’s a great place to work!


Q) What does Safe in the Knowledge mean to you?

‘Safe in the Knowledge’ showcases that we are an honest transparent company that can be trusted to do work in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. This position has been earned after many successful projects have been completed. We want our clients to know when trusting us to do projects that it will be done to a high standard and that they can sit back and feel safe that a good job will be done.