Playing our part in the Pipe Bridge Project

Following a review, Scottish Water recently identified pipe bridges and crossings with a view to safeguarding public safety. This has led to a rejuvenation of their asset database and installing intervention measures at identified key sites across Scotland.

With safety as our number one priority, Mackenzie Construction has been installing and repairing pipe bridge and crossing sites across Scotland as a Tier One Contractor for Scottish Water.

Having identified over 1200 sites to develop, each site is then carefully surveyed to establish whether it meets current safety standards. Where intervention is required, Mackenzie Construction can install health and safety measures at these vital bridges and crossings through installation of interventions such as fencing or ‘witches hats’.

Working in close collaboration with Scottish Water and their partners throughout the delivery of the pipe bridge repairs, all teams on the project have utilised SharePoint to track the progress of each pipe bridge and enable collaboration, real-time communication and reporting.

There are a number of clear benefits to this programme, outwith the priority to ensure the crossings and bridges are safe for the public. One such benefit is the creation of a comprehensive asset database and improved maintenance policies for the future of these assets.
Mackenzie Construction: Playing our part in the Pipe Bridge project