Partnering with Digital Construction Skills For Excel Training

digital construction skills

Mackenzie Construction recently partnered with Digital Construction Skills to deliver Excel Training, with a focus on the new Trainees, Site and Contract Engineers. We are passionate about ensuring our wider team is comfortable and confident in using technology and where required have the opportunity to build on these skills for their own personal development.

The first session that we carried out was a beginner course for all new Trainees in mid-September. This was an all-day event and allowed all our Trainees to get a good introduction to Excel as well as a good experience to spend the day in training with their peers, building both skills and relationships.

On Monday 9th October and Tuesday 10th October, an intermediate-level course was carried out with two different batches of Site and Contracts Engineers who required some additional Excel training. The objective of this training was to ensure that all Site and Contracts Engineers are proficient in Excel skills to be able to support the processes they carry out on any working day.

Mackenzie Construction is highly committed to both training and digitalisation and we are grateful for our partnership with Digital Construction Skills who provide their expertise to our team. These Excel training sessions were received very well with our team gaining invaluable knowledge to help them be more digitally successful in their careers.

“It is fantastic to see Mackenzie Construction empowering their teams to work more efficiently and develop digital skills that will lay the foundations for further digital enablement. Excel skills are an important part of so many everyday processes from admin through to design and setting out. It is a pleasure working with Mackenzie’s delegates as they are always so friendly and receptive to learning new skills that will help them in the workplace”.

Saffron Grant | Director, Digital Construction Skills