Mackenzie team deliver best ever Christmas present

On Tuesday 19th December 2023 at around 1pm, while working on a project in Murano Place, three Mackenzie Construction employees, Michael Calgie (Foreman), Kris Tulloch (Ganger) and Stuart Lambert (Operative), noticed an elderly gentleman struggling to walk.


Kris and Stuart attended to the man and supported him while one of them went to fetch a chair from the site canteen to allow the gentleman some rest. After some time and a little rest, they found out that the gentleman was on his way to get a newspaper when he started to struggle, so while he rested Stuart went to get him his newspaper. He assured the squad that he was okay to go back to his house but while Kris and Stuart started to assist him, he started to look grey and struggled further so they stopped immediately and phoned for an ambulance.


A doctor and ambulance attended and took the gentleman to hospital. The doctor informed the team on site that the elderly man was having heart issues and that the guys likely saved the man’s life. By noticing the man’s struggle and assisting him in getting some rest, they slowed down the speed at which the cardiac complications came on, preventing the issue from becoming more severe.


We are very grateful to Michael for first spotting the gentleman, and to Stuart and Kris for being so attentive and responding so quickly, making decisions that were life-saving for this gentleman. Michael and Kris are longstanding Mackenzie Construction workers who have been with the company for around 16 years and called on their first-aid training to help the gentleman. Stuart is newer to the Mackenzie Construction team, joining us in January of 2023, and has been a fantastic asset to the company and this particular instance.


The team, upon returning to the project at Murano Place in January 2024, were keen to catch up with the elderly man and see how his recovery was coming along. Michael Calgie spoke to the elderly gentleman on the morning of the 9th of January and was delighted to hear that he was home from the hospital and doing well. The elderly gentleman expressed a huge thank you to the team at Mackenzie Construction who came to his assistance, feeling very lucky that the guys were there and attended to him.


Every year, Mackenzie Construction runs its ‘Mackenzie Warriors’ awards scheme at the annual Christmas Engagement Event, recognising individuals and teams for exceptional performances. These awards are nominated by colleagues and/or members of the management team and the winners are presented with a Glasgow Warriors home shirt by a Glasgow Warriors player. These awards help to highlight those who go above and beyond in their roles and embody the values Mackenzie Construction strives to live by. We were pleased to award Michael Kris and Stuart with Mackenzie Warriors Awards for their fast-thinking actions and life-saving decisions in December.


We would like to extend our further well wishes to the elderly man, hoping he has a healthy and prosperous 2024, and a sincere commendation to Michael, Kris and Stuart for the steps undertaken to ensure the gentleman received the care he required in December.