Mackenzie Construction Renew JOSCAR Accreditation for 2023

Mackenzie Construction is delighted to confirm our renewal on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register for 2023. The team at Mackenzie Construction work hard to maintain the standards of JOSCAR and we are pleased that we have once again satisfied the requirements to become fully compliant on the register.

The Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) is an accreditation system that is highly valued by large purchasers in the Defence, Space, Security and Aerospace sectors which shows that suppliers are fit for business and identifies organisations who have shown commitment to achieving the credentials and live the values that the accreditation system stand for.

A cross-sector collaboration solution, the accreditation is supported by some of the largest purchasers in the defence community such as Leonardo, BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence, and indicates that Mackenzie Construction has fulfilled the appropriate credentials.

Focused on reducing the time, cost and resources needed to provide information to major customers as a risk management tool, it objectively assesses potential vendor risks and areas of compliance before suppliers can obtain accreditation.

The open system of information that JOSCAR provides also benefits us as a supplier as it allows us to demonstrate our level of customer compliance, quickly qualify any third-party suppliers we may use and identify areas where we can continuously improve our business. In turn, this allows us to provide the excellent level of service to our customers that Mackenzie Construction has become synonymous with.