Mackenzie Construction and Irvine Meadow FC

Announcement | July 2023

Mackenzie Construction becomes official Community Sponsor for Irvine Meadow FC.

Mackenzie Construction is proud to support a number of community initiatives across Scotland as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The focus of this strategy is to support organisations that focus on talent development and opening up opportunities for individuals across the communities in which we work.

We are proud to announce Mackenzie Construction is now the official Community Sponsor for Irvine Meadow FC, a non-profit community interest club in the West of Scotland. Seven years ago, the club chose to look beyond its core focus in football, it now has major involvement in the local community supporting 20 different clubs all with different members, aims and objectives.

This move first saw the creation of Irvine Meadow Youth which encompasses a number of different youth teams offering the opportunity for those aged 5-17 to get involved in football.  The youth teams pride themselves on both coach and player development and engage with the broader community to give opportunities to all and provide a pathway for talent.

Off the pitch, the Irvine Meadow Community Club was created to support non-football-related community groups including a social club and supporters’ group to build further links with the community through a programme of local events, allowing attendees to foster friendships and improve wellbeing.

To support the club in its ongoing commitment to build community links and further develop these initiatives, Mackenzie Construction is proud to sponsor Irvine Meadow FC as its official Community Sponsor and we wish the club every success in continuing to build upon this excellent work.

“At Mackenzie Construction we are always looking for opportunities to support causes in our local community that are making a significant impact on individuals. We have supported Irvine Meadow FC for a number of years and are proud to be increasing this level of support and formalising our status as Community Sponsor.”

Andy Dalrymple | Managing Director