Christmas Employee Engagement Event 2023

Our annual Christmas Employee Engagement Event took place on Friday 22nd December 2023 at the Westerwood Hotel and was attended by all of our employees.


Every December, Mackenzie Construction hosts its Annual Employee Engagement Event which brings together all areas of the business. This year’s event included a reflection on the year past, we heard from key speaker Chris Woods, and we thanked David Ewing for his long service to Mackenzie Construction and wished him a happy and healthy retirement.


Mackenzie Construction’s People Ambassador Scott Meenagh also attended the event, sharing his story with the Mackenzie Construction employees before opening the floor for a Question & Answer session.

We were also delighted to welcome Glasgow Warriors player, Murphy Walker, who accepted a cheque for the funds donated throughout the duration of 2023 on behalf of Wooden Spoon (Mackenzie Construction’s chosen charity for 2023).


Murphy Walker also presented the Mackenzie Warriors Awards. Every year, Mackenzie Construction runs its ‘Mackenzie Warriors’ awards scheme, recognising individuals and teams for exceptional performances. These awards are nominated by colleagues and/or members of the management team and the winners are presented with a Glasgow Warriors home shirt by a Glasgow Warriors player.

These awards help to highlight those who go above and beyond in their roles and embody the values Mackenzie Construction strives to live by and we are delighted to announce the following winners:


1. Mick Calgie, Kris Tulloch and Stuart Lambert.

  • Mick, Kris and Stuart, while working on the Murano Place project, assisted an elderly man who was struggling to walk, upon their quick thinking that it was more sinister, they called for an ambulance service. The ambulance team informed them he was having heart issues and their decision to get medical help was life-saving for this gentleman. The elderly man is back home and is doing well.

2. Team of the Year: Gus Fenwick, Ryan Taggart, and Chris Duffy

  • Gus, Ryan, and Chris won Team of the Year due to their efforts on all the Mackenzie Construction Sites throughout the year, advising on all aspects of Safety, Health and Environmental issues with continuous improvement being the underlying mantra and winning the Scottish Water Safety Contractor Award.

3. Site of the Year: Crinan Canal

  • Crinan Canal received Site of the Year because of the focus on community engagement by the site team. Due to the restrictions on this project, community engagement and innovation has been key to the delivery and planning for the past 18 months to achieve successful delivery of the works, utilising a bespoke lifting platform.

4. Above & Beyond: Joe Baird’s Squad

  • Joe Baird’s squad went above and beyond by engaging with the community and attending events in their own time and on the weekend associated with our partnership with Scottish Canals.

5. Above & Beyond: Gary Steel

  • Gary received an Above & Beyond award for his commitment and hard work associated with the implementation of a new cost management system.

6. Young Person of the Year: Lisa Macpherson

  • Lisa’s development over the last year in her role as Site Engineer has been outstanding and worthy of Young Person of the Year award.

7. Net Zero Champion: Craig Waton

  • Craig is driving the road to net zero forward with carbon reduction innovations and a potential delivery of the first net zero site in the near future.

8. Going the Extra Mile: Kevin Wilson

  • Kevin has shown continual successful development as a site supervisor, demonstrating diligence on the job.

9. Mentoring and Support within her Department: Katie Davren

  • Katie is recognised for her mentorship and guidance of the junior members of the Commercial Team.

10.Charity Work within the Community: Elaine Allen

  • Elaine is acknowledged for her fantastic work with the “Spirit OF Christmas” charity for the last 7 years. Her dedication to the charity is admirable, ensuring our employees donate gifts to children who would not otherwise receive any gifts at Christmas.