Upgrade to Core Path in Granton

Client: City of Edinburgh Council

Project value: £250k

Location: Granton, North Edinburgh

Timeframe: 2022

The Background

As part of the Transport Infrastructure Frameworks upgrading of essential ‘Core Paths’, a joint venture between the City of Edinburgh Council, Sustrans, and Mackenzie Construction, a request was issued to determine the cost of upgrading an existing footpath located within the Granton area of North Edinburgh.
The path, between Caroline Park Avenue and West Shore Road, linked an area of old industry buildings and the historical site of Granton Castle walled gardens but was in poor condition.

The Scope

The objective of this project was to widen the existing footpath from Caroline Park Avenue and create a new 250m+ long asphalt footpath & cycle path.
This new stretch of path would run continuously from Caroline Park Avenue to West shore road, forming an and repair the existing gravel and overgrown pathway.
This would form an extension of existing foot and cycle paths already within the Granton area and allow for an established access route from West Shore Road through to Caroline Park avenue.

The challenge

Having been in a state of misuse in some areas for a number of years, different sections of these works brought their own unique challenges. This pathway had to remain open and unblocked throughout the works to ensure local businesses, schools and tourist attractions were accessible to the public. Planned activities at The Granton Walled Gardens had to be considered to ensure access was maintained to a safe and suitable standard and collaboration with archeologists to ensure that any historical artefacts found in the excavation phase were handled properly.


While there were several challenges the project was delivered on time and in budget for the City of Edinburgh Council.

Throughout the project the team worked well and collaborated efficiently with external stakeholders and their site teams. A phased approach was developed to deliver the works in sections, splitting the north and south ends requirements to create working areas and allow for safe and secure access to all areas of this public path.

The final stages of the upgraded path were completed in December of 2022 and has received praise from local stakeholders at Granton Castle Walled Gardens and has improved the area markedly. New street lighting through this section will also improve the area for local residents traveling at night.