Mansewood Allotment

Client: Mansewood Allotment

Location: Glasgow

The Background

A plot holder within the Mansewood Allotments reached out to Mackenzie Construction for assistance with upgrading certain sections of the access footpath within the allotment site. The main goal for the upgrade was to have disabled access to most of the plots and to improve 156m of footpath within the allotment to allow easier access for all.

The Scope

Mackenzie Construction proposed the use of Smart Surface, our innovative surfacing solution, in which a soil stabiliser transforms poor unsuitable material into an engineered solution to achieve a high-quality finish. The added benefit of Smart Surface is that it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, less maintenance and has lower embodied carbon than some standard forms of construction. At the end of its lifespan, Smart Surface can be recycled, upholding the ethos of the allotment community.

The Challenge

During the project, two main problems came to light:

1. Access
- Part of the access to the footpath was through a small gate so we had to reduce the size of the plant to carry out the works. This meant using the following equipment: Micro-excavator, track barrow, wheelbarrows, small forklift, and a mini roller.

2. Services
- Services were checked using our permit to break surface proforma with the use of a generator and cable avoidance tool. We discovered that the only service that was encountered was the water supply to the numerous standpipes throughout the site. These were all hand excavated to prove depth.

The Solution

These challenges were overcome, and the project was a huge success and achieving the objective of improving access for all. A commitment to local community forms a key part of Mackenzie Construction’s ethos and this opportunity allowed the team to give back. During the construction process some of the allotment’s produce was offered to the site team which has inspired them now to consider ways in which they can cultivate some produce of their own.