Crianlarich Access Road

Client: Scottish Water

Project value: £350k

Location: Crianlarich, Stirlingshire

Timeframe: Four-months


Our client, Scottish Water, identified issues to their sites access road in Crianlarich which had deteriorated significantly over the years and was close to being completely unsuitable for vehicle access. The route is also popular with tourists to meet the need of local road users and open up access to the SW site, we identified that the ageing road surface required re-designing and re-surfacing to be fit for purpose.


The site had very poor ground conditions with deep layers of peat underfoot. Scottish Water Operations faced challenges of multiple external drivers and stakeholders to get access to their Asset. We worked closely with Scottish Water DV2 ID, Transport Scotland, National Parks and the Crown Office to ensure that all necessary permissions were in place prior to the installation. Peat layers of up to 2m had to be considered when engineering the sustainable solution.


The Original design called for a robust make up to allow for all vehicular traffic including HGV tanker access to Asset. The original concept design called for capping layer, granular fill , sub base and traditional asphalt surface.
Together with the reconfiguration of the proposed layout to incorporate existing consolidated sub strata, we utilised our sustainable road surfacing product Smart Surface to enhance the majority of the access road to create a new route off the A82. This project required 15 t of our alternative and eco-friendly product which helped our client save over 50% on carbon emissions and significant costs. This road surfacing solution has provided a durable and aesthetically pleasing finished surface which has an expected life span that meets or exceeds the original design option.

Smart Surface allowed this site to keep exportation of materials to the site at a minimum and importation of recycled material was significantly decreased.