Scottish Water Celebrates Net Zero Hero Badges

We are proud to announce and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our Net Zero Heroes who have been instrumental in Scottish Water’s journey to beyond net zero. These dedicated individuals have shown exemplary commitment to sustainability and innovative practices, with a key focus on significantly reducing Mackenzie Construction’s carbon footprint.

Aron Adrain
Aron has achieved his Net Zero Hero badge through his exceptional work on low-carbon site setups. His efforts led to a remarkable 94% reduction in carbon emissions at our site in Boroughmuir, Dundee.

Thomas McGuigan
Thomas is recognized for his proactive work with our Procurement Team driving the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) on all Scottish Water sites. His investigations into ensuring HVO delivery to rural locations across Scotland have been vital in supporting our net zero goals for all Scottish Water’s assets.

Graham Reid
Graham’s ongoing work has been crucial in our journey to achieving net zero sites. His innovative work on sample taps has achieved a 90% reduction of carbon in this particular activity. Graham’s actions are helping Mackenzie Construction make significant strides towards our first net zero site.

Craig Waton
Craig’s overall drive within the net zero working group and his implementation of low carbon practices across all Scottish Water contracts have been exemplary. His work includes gravel washing and reuse, as well as the installation of low-carbon conveyor systems for the reuse of existing materials.

We extend our thanks to Aron, Thomas, Graham, and Craig for their dedication and innovative contributions to net-zero. Their work not only supports Scottish Water’s environmental goals but also sets a benchmark for others to follow in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Mackenzie Construction is committed to working together with our clients and supply chain towards our Net Zero goals. We launched our carbon strategy in August 2022, informed by industry guidance. The plan outlines annual carbon emissions and shows our trajectory for meeting our net zero target by 2040. We know the journey to net zero comes with learnings along the way, and we are committed to continuous improvement to meet our goals. This is something we cannot achieve alone, and we are pleased to come together with the industry, our clients, our supply chain and our investment in our people to support this journey.