Mackenzie Construction joins Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative

Mackenzie Construction is delighted to commit to the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative (CQIC) Charter.

CQIC is a Scottish-based collective, campaigning to improve construction quality and transform the construction sector. The Charter aims to place quality at the front and centre to drive continuous improvement. Placing construction quality at the centre of all decision-making and ensuring we commit to getting it right first time when involved in projects makes sense financially, environmentally, and from a safety perspective.

The key areas of the charter are promoting a culture of openness and collaboration; supporting innovation and continuous improvement; enhancing the quality and integrity of the built environment; and advancing skills, knowledge, and understanding within the sector.

By aligning with the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative (CQIC) Charter, it reaffirms Mackenzie Construction’s belief that construction quality is more than just following regulations. It is about ensuring our built environment’s durability, efficiency, and sustainability for future generations.

“We are happy to be supporting the CQIC Charter and are committed to excellence and a promise to incorporate the key principles into our work, putting construction quality central to all decision making to create a sustainable quality culture” – Scott Harvey, Compliance Manager | Mackenzie Construction.