Healthy Working Lives Bronze Award

Mackenzie Construction are committed improving the health, safety and the wellbeing of everyone who we employ and, in turn, have a healthier and more motivated workforce.

With this objective in mind we recently pursued and achieved the Healthy Working Lives Bronze Award. As a result of consultation and engagement with employees, your organisation is aware of and is addressing health, safety and wellbeing issues at work.

To build on this achievement and in line with our company ethos of continual improvement, we have already registered to work towards a Silver Award.

In achieving our Bronze Award we were able to demonstrate the following:

All staff are aware of how their health, safety and wellbeing affects their performance at work.

All staff understand the role of health and safety and health improvement and how they can be supported at work.

Ensuring that the work undertaken by its employees does not adversely affect their health and indeed understands how work can protect and improve their mental, physical and social health.