In early 2024 Mackenzie Construction attended Old Graitney in Gretna to carry out sewer repairs from a burst pipe, where repair clamps were fitted. In late May, the pipe had burst again and Mackenzie returned to Old Graitney to replace a full section of the pipe.

Carrying out an emergency burst on a 300mm sewer rising main which was pumped to Gretna WWTW was a difficult job. Due to the capacity in which the rising main was working, this meant turning off pumps and managing the inlet volume of sewage using running tankers from the pump station to WWTW. The logistics of these tankers proved a challenge with access through third-party land being required alongside a requirement to install Trackway matting across fields to the pump station.

A local from Old Graitney got in touch with us at Mackenzie Construction to extend her thanks after the emergency repair. The lady noted that the Mackenzie team were a pleasure to have on-site, did a great job in grim conditions and she was kept up to date on all that was happening during the works.

We want to thank and congratulate Jonny Hall, Brendon Galloway, Kevin Tomney, Jim Gordon and Eddie Kelly, who made up the Mackenzie Team on that project. We are grateful that our employees embody our commitment to excellence and quality on every project.