Glenmanor Green Space Opening

At the end of 2023, Mackenzie Construction was involved in a greenspace improvement project at Glenmanor, Moodiesburn. This project involved turning an area of derelict land into a community asset.

The Glenmanor project was developed by Green Action Trust on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council and was designed to create a series of spaces close to Glenmanor Primary School that can be used for teaching, play and relaxation, that is accessible by all residents.

Three key areas on the site were improved:

  • The West part of the site, which had previously acted as a local shortcut, received a properly surfaced path and the remaining area was improved in terms of natural habitat.
  • The Northeast part of the site, the drop-off area for the primary school, received a central path and improvements to the wall and edges of the area for safety and a more finished feel.
  • The third area of improvement included some exciting features. A new sensory path surrounding a natural play area was created, with boulders and logs inside a path laid out with coloured and textured tiles. A new teaching and seating location was placed that is suitable for the older school children to use and the community to meet and chat.

To mark the occasion of the completion of the two-and-a-half-year journey, representatives of all the organisations and individuals that have supported the work in some way, came together for an opening day. Mackenzie was delighted to have Project Manager, Paul Ferry, and Site Agent, Robert O’Neill, representing the company on the opening day.

“At Mackenzie Construction we are always looking for opportunities to support causes in our local communities that are making a significant impact on individuals. We are proud to have been an active and supportive partner on the Glenmanor green space improvement project, working in close cooperation and making a positive impact with the local community.” – Gavin Chesney, Contracts Manager, Mackenzie Construction