Futureproofing our foundations: The value of investing our workforce

Mackenzie Construction places people at the heart of our success. Our professional, highly skilled and engaged workforce has helped us to become one of the leading civil engineering and construction firms in the country.

As a business it is our vision and mission to be the industry’s safest, most trusted and progressive contractor of choice and to ensure our clients are confident that Mackenzie will safely and efficiently deliver their projects every time. Throughout our 40-year history, we know that by investing in our workforce and equipping them with the knowledge and skills required, they are empowered to deliver the Mackenzie standards of safety and quality every day on site.

The construction industry is facing the challenge of an ageing workforce and at Mackenzie Construction we know that now is the time to act on this in order to safeguard the future of our business and the wider industry. Our team of 60 foremen have over 1000 years service between them and so it became evident it was a business priority for us to work out how to capture and retain this valuable knowledge and experience.

The Workplace Equality Fund presented us with an excellent opportunity to develop a bespoke foreman training course which sought to create a programme that would empower and support our foreman, equipping them with the appropriate tools and techniques to coach and mentor our younger workforce.

The programme was structured around three modules (‘Your zero’, ‘Your team’ and ‘Your legacy’) focusing firstly on zero accidents on site, secondly on coaching and mentoring a team and thirdly through empowering leadership the ability to leave a lasting legacy through people. An approach of blended learning was taken and supported by some of the best speakers in the industry, including: Eddie Woods of Karrdale, Connolly Training Solutions, Jackie Gallagher and Paralympian, Scott Meenagh.

Our Contracts Director, Mark Wilson said,

“At Mackenzie, we are proud of our family culture and it is imperative this is passed down through the business to the next generation. We hope our foreman have found this course valuable and appreciate how important their role within our business is, not just now but for the future of the business. Our foremen are the front line supervisors of Mackenzie Construction, responsible for the day-to-day health and safety of our people on site and for the quality of work we deliver for our clients. They are fundamental to our business ensuring we are able to future proof our foundations.”



and if you’d like to see more… watch the full-length version: https://youtu.be/bcqUHOzQ1lc