Building our commitment to communities

by Andy Dalrymple

Building our commitment to communities  | Our values of Invested, Integrity, Partnership, Progressive and Responsible are all applicable to our company commitment to our community.

We believe that our values drive our behaviours in achieving our corporate and social reasonability commitments, while contributing positively to both our internal community and the wider community in which we live and work. In our view, a community can range from the wider national economic environment in which we operate to a small team working together to carry out works at a remote location on behalf of a key client.

We seek to contribute to the wider national economic environment through not only adhering to, but also operating in the spirit of our corporate and social responsibilities. Our positive company culture nurtures internal communities and encourages all to feel empowered to contribute to our ethos of continual improvement. We challenge negative behaviours and support positive behaviours, all of which are critical in ensuring that we continue to grow safely and efficiently as a business.

We are fortunate to benefit from a supply chain, which shares many of our values and, through our ongoing programme of “Supply Chain Engagement Forums”, we continue to bring our supply chain partners in to our wider company community. Key members of our supply chain have recently signed up to a charter of shared aims, which will generate benefits for all community members, including our clients.

Our sponsorship of Glasgow Warriors was founded on our values as a business being aligned with Glasgow Warriors, with particular reference to community engagement and support – a shared aim we hope we can support each other in achieving.

Members of our business supporting the community both internally and externally by “going that extra mile” and “doing whatever it takes” are recognised and celebrated as a “Mackenzie Warrior” reflecting the importance we place on growing our communities.

Smart Surface provides a fantastic opportunity to meet our aims of contributing to both our internal community and the wider community in which we live and work. As a company we have brought innovation, new skills and growth to our business while contributing to reduced carbon, reduced waste and reduced costs for the communities we operate in. We already see “Mackenzie Warriors” developing within the dedicated team focused on the success of Smart Surface.

We believe that our commitment to our community, both within and out with our business, will be an important ingredient in achieving our vision, “To be the industry’s safest, most trusted and progressive contractor of choice”.

Andy Dalrymple is Managing Director of Mackenzie Construction. If you’d like to know more about how Smart Surface can contribute to the communities you live and work in, visit: