Annual Charity Football Match

Staff members held their Annual 11-a-side Charity Football Match to raise funds for this year’s chosen charity, CLIC Sargent. The teams were made up by Mackenzie staff members and a handful of Scottish Water staff.

A big THANK YOU to all who gave up their time to take part and donate to the event – over £300 has been raised so far. It was a very close affair with Team A coming out on top 5-4.

Team A: Danny Brown, Greg Deehan, Jamie Allison, Richard Wyllie, Scott Harvey, Graham Allison (Guest), Murdo MacAuley (Guest), John McLaughlan, Stuart MacNicol, Robert O’Neill, Paul Ferry, Sam Harvey, Colin McGurr (Guest), Martin Bradburn

Team B: Keir Adrain, Duncan Lowry, Gavin Chesney, James Matrecano, Paul Dunne, Scott Furby, Wilson Hilditch, Ross Good, Conor Boyle, Jamie Thomson, Jonathan Harvie, Gavin Hall, Neil Mackinnon (Guest), Fraser Loudon (Guest)