There is a good reason why ‘Safe in the knowledge’ is part of our brand identity. Safety is our number one priority and our exacting health and safety standards have been accredited to the highest level and we want our clients, staff and partners to feel safe in the knowledge that Mackenzie Construction is the best contractor of choice

Health and safety

Mackenzie Construction is committed to promoting a positive health and safety culture and encouraging the team to live and breathe the required behaviours to ensure health and safety is treated as a non-negotiable value on every level.

Safety is central to all decision-making around our projects and is the foundation on which all of our business management systems and procedures are based. This ensures that all projects are delivered with integrity and safety at the forefront for everyone involved.

Our systems and procedures for the effective implementation and management of health & safety through all aspects of our business are laid down within our occupational health & safety management system accredited by Lloyds Register to ISO 45001:2018.

Our rigorous commitment to safety, quality and precision is demonstrated through our achievement of industry awards, accreditation and qualifications. We have been recognised with awards from several external parties, including our 11th consecutive Gold Medal Award by RoSPA.