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QE3 Building

The QE3 building is a modern stepped framed structure flatted development with a range of cladding finishes. There is a sub ground car park area with an exposed car park deck at the front of the building.

The works replaced the surface finish to the spanning car park deck to the front of the building, which is denoted as the visitor car parking area. This work included the removal of several plant bedding structures, taking up of the original deck finishes and repairs to the weep holes in the building bedding sections along with removal of bedding unit render.

The deck required local concrete repairs to defective dipped sections. The new deck finish was applied and constructed up to the face of the bedding units to the building. The main entrance ramps were finished with the same car park materials. Vehicle protection to the remaining light standards was provided by new concrete plant pots, which sat atop the new car park finishes. The Building line planter areas had all existing weep holes reamed out to fit new plastic pipes, which were sealed to the original decothane finish within the planters. The new deck finish to the car park side was taken up to the face of the wall, the original render was removed in these areas and a new cope fitted.

The soffits of the slabs were resin injected to the cracks letting water access the car park area. Several of these cracks have plastic drainpipes to control the water, these were temporarily moved to allow for the repairs to be completed and then replaced on completion.