Our client sectors

Our work spans a number of diverse sectors, though we have a clear focus on delivering work to the following industries:


We have worked within several frameworks across the water sector and throughout our many years of experience have built strong relationships and a reputation for safety and quality. In the water sector specifically, our view is that business efficiency and overall performance can be improved through the establishment of best practice and the pursuit of opportunities for innovation.


Our extensive experience in working on canals projects has been developed over 12 years and includes strategic involvement on two four-year frameworks. The historic environment of the canal network includes the canals themselves, reservoirs, feeders, associated buildings and other structures. As an essential resource for the canals and their environment, we support in a number of ways with water quantity and quality management, flood management, drainage and supply management.


Over many years we have developed strong partnerships within the housing association and social housing sectors, as well as within Local Authorities. We deliver a complete design and build service for our partners and have successfully executed over 800 projects, providing external environmental improvement schemes and other associated projects to a large number of communities across Scotland.


Water | Canals | Housing | Nuclear | Defence | Aviation


Safety is our number one priority and our track record of demonstrating efficiency and mitigating risk through our secure and accredited quality management systems has allowed us to diversify into the Nuclear sector. We have already built strong partnerships within this industry and are members of the NDA supply chain charter.


We have provided essential works and repair services to the Ministry of Defence through our relationships with bodies, such as Landmarc. We have a strong track record of  demonstrating front-line efficiency through our established and accredited quality management systems and robust reporting, to ensure we deliver to our ‘right first time’ ethos. We ensure well-managed service provision, robust processes and procedures and the prioritisation of safety as our number one priority.


We have knowledge and experience of the highly regulated and controlled aviation environment at airports, and in maintaining environmental compliance without impacting on airport operations. Working closely with emergency services, air traffic control and airport operations staff to ensure safe, well managed and compliant working practices, we implement meticulous planning and procedural compliance in order to meet exact airside standards and requirements. Our team ensures high levels of collaboration, integration and consistency of communication in order to manage the required standards and regulations efficiently and effectively, both inside and around airport boundaries.