Mackenzie Construction has a clear focus on improving our working practices to create long lasting sustainability for the future of our business, our community and to affect positive change in our industry.

Environment and sustainability

We operate in a diverse range of markets and locations, and recognise the importance of sustainable practices for our collective future and that of the environment.

We look for opportunities in environmental and sustainable practices that exist to improve the business, create competitive edge and improve the places we work and live in.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and manage activities with the aim of reducing  environmental impact to a practicable minimum.

In order to provide assurance and control of environmental performance, Mackenzie Construction implement a specific management system which is compliant with the requirements of ISO14001:2015, formally registered by Lloyds Register.

The circular economy

We strive to continually improve our operations to achieve and sustain a circular economy, which is a system that minimises emissions and energy leakage and optimises use of materials, both on and off site. We also consistently explore and test new and innovative ways to reduce the amount of energy that we use.

Groundbreaking projects such as Smart Surface have seen common primary resources being replaced by more sustainable material, which allows for the aggregate on site to be reused.

Working closely with key clients and partners, we pioneer new Carbon Management Tools, which allow us to capture, analyse and improve carbon emission outputs.

Furthermore, Mackenzie Construction will continue to embrace new ideas, technologies and innovations to improve the education of our teams on environmental issues; which will help to ensure that we continue to grow understanding, awareness and develop our business with sustainability at the forefront for everyone involved.