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Speirs Wharf Footbridge and Landscaping Works

The Works at Speirs Wharf are part of a Civil Contractor Framework (2012 -2016) with Scottish Canals, which is currently running at over £4m in value. The Speirs Wharf project is seen as the important catalyst of within the greater public realm of North Glasgow.

The Works consisted of the following:

  • Extensive site clearance
  • Excavation works and cut and fill to over 1450m³
  • Landscaping Improvements including tree planting
  • Construction of new asphalt walkway/footpath network
  • Installation of new footbridge at the redundant stop gate piers
  • Upgrade of existing concrete piers
  • New timber clad sheet piled wharf wall
  • Backfilling of new sheet piled waterway wall
  • Concrete pile cap
  • Security boundary fence to prevent public access to Speirs Wharf
  • Lighting to footbridge and Footpath
  • Power supply to the new completed works
  • Street furniture, benches, bins etc.
  • Grass seeding and turfing

Also within the works are two further sections, Speaker Martins Lock and Applecross Street:

  • Speaker Martins Lock involved the upgrade of the surrounding areas, the majority of the works consisting of hard landscaping with stone paving with lighting and soft landscaping works.
  • Applecross Street will primarily consist of hard landscaping works, which will include the uplift and relaying of existing granite setts, and also the lighting to Possil Road underpass. Ducting to be installed from Applecross to Possil bridge lighting locations

Extensive resident liaison has taken place throughout the works to with Speirs Wharf Residents Association to ensure disruption to the residents within the area was kept to a minimum. The works have benefited the whole area where improved communal areas which has added value to their properties.