Working with Housing Associations

Working in Partnership with Housing Associations & the Social Housing Sector with a Complete Design and Build Service

Over the last 17 years we have provided a full Design and Build service within a Partnership arrangements for a number of Housing Associations for their External Environmental Improvements and Property Works Glasgow Housing Association, Cube Housing Association and ng homes. These repairs typically extend to the following:

  • Upgrade back court areas and access paths
  • New drying areas
  • New perimeter fences to properties
  • New Bin shelters
  • Open area improvements in conjunction with Glasgow City Council
  • Soft Landscaping improvements
  • Area Fund Improvement projects, of which £6m have been delivered to date

To date, we have delivered in the region of over 800 projects to a value of £55m, throughout Glasgow and these have involved working on numerous backcourts and external spaces surrounding GHA properties as well as the extensive upgrading of communal spaces and car parking developments.

These were designed to fulfil the principles of ‘Simple design with good quality products that produce external areas that are easy to use, with low maintenance and designed to last’.

We work in partnership with the Local Housing Authorities and Glasgow City Council on all of the Framework projects to ensure design of project meets Client’s, Council and most importantly, Resident’s needs and aspirations.

Throughout the delivery of these investment works we have been committed to the provision of sustainable Community Benefits in all areas, including:

  • New Entrant Employment and Targeted Recruitment
  • Involvement in community projects
  • Sponsorship of local Football Teams, Local Fairs and Gala Days
  • Provision of Voluntary time, materials and equipment