EcoProactiveâ„¢ is a superior hydraulic binder for stabilisation of a wide range of base materials to create or repair paths, roads and hard standings. It rapidly transforms in-situ materials into bound, durable and impervious areas with enhanced bearing capacities (CBRs of >300% are possible). These may be used after 12-24 hours and where desired, an additional surface finish such as tar and chip can be applied.

Key features of the ecoProactiveâ„¢ binder are:

  • Allows the use of a single stabilisation product in a wide variety of road, pavement and path applications including sustainable sub-bases for major roads;
  • Uses on site materials with greatly reduced or zero waste disposal/importation with reduced vehicle movements and carbon footprint;
  • Where importation is required/desirable, ability to create roads, pavements and paths via recovered resources such as dredged material from canals, recovered aggregates etc.;
  • Superior strength and durability over other binders e.g. lime/cement
  • Resistant to potholes and water scouring
  • Exceptionally long service life
  • Impervious to water (non leaching)

Please refer to our case studies below for more information.

Information Sheet

Greenleaf Recycling Ltd

Oatridge College

Lin’s Mill Car Park

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